Often going by the nickname of ‘Commercial Guru’, James Yeow is renowned in the commercial industry for his experience and expertise in helping his clients to grow their investments.

He has been doing splendidly in his shophouse/building sales, and he has also been focusing on team building, which he has done GREAT over the years.

We interviewed him recently on his success in his team building career.

Q: How big is your team in NAVIS?

James: Ever since starting on my team building journey recently, I have garnered over 20 elites to my team.

They are all striving in their own areas and we are like a family.

What is your team building motto?

James: It might sound abit cliché, but I told myself before starting out on this team building journey that I would never give up building my team of elites.

I have been a rookie in my early days and I clearly recalled the pains that a rookie without proper guidance. Especially in the commercial and leasing areas, where good mentors are hard to find.

Hence, I’m paving a path for future commercial gurus in my team and I will not give up.

How did you manage to recruit your new team members?

James: I didn’t really advertise myself that I was looking to mentor agents in commercial sales. But many of my friends and colleagues knew I was performing exceptionally well in it and I wasn’t shy in sharing my strategies and experiences with them.

That was when my team started to really grow. To be honest, there aren’t many leaders in the commercial industry that are willing to impart their knowledge and skills to new agents.

The reason being?

Competitors. They fear that these people they guide, may in return become their competitor one day.

Contrary, that is what I’m hoping to achieve. I mean, I won’t be able to work forever and I’m excited to see new blood emerging in the commercial industry!

I strongly believe in sharing whatever I know. I often hold On-the-Job-Training (OJT) with my team on the ground by visiting commercial shophouses and doing canvassing.

Q: What qualities do you have as a leader?

James: I’m the type of person that loves to share my experiences. I believe what I have gone through in my years of service will greatly help in smoothening my team’s journey. In fact, I would go the extra mile for them by mentoring 1-to-1 whenever they need help.

Q: How do you feel about team building and your team’s future?

James: To me, team building is necessary as there are lots of synergies created during the process and everyone gets to enjoy it. We bond and share with one another our experiences and that is what helps us grow.

Although I’ve only started out in team building recently, my team strength is increasing steadily. I believe we will go a long way in the commercial aspect and leave a legacy behind for our future teammates.

Q: How did NAVIS help you along the way?

James: NAVIS has definitely help me a lot in terms of training and technology for both my agents and me. Their weekly training sessions are proven beneficial to us as most of us got something out of it.

Their Link Up app has also streamlined our presentations to our clients, saving us loads of time on the ground.

I feel assured building my team here, in NAVIS.

Q: What tips or advice do you have for your fellow team leaders on successful team building?

James: This is what I’ve seen commonly in the industry and I condemn it.

I’ve seen leaders spoon-feeding their new teammates and holding hand by the hand on each task.

I mean, this isn’t bad right?

The worst that could happen is when one day they stop getting spoon-fed and they leave.

Seriously, you should never spoon-feed someone. They will become so reliant on you that they will never learn how to be successful on their own.

Personally, whenever my teammates encounter any issues, we sit down and talk it out. But often I come up with advice and suggestions and allow them to try and solve the issues themselves.

And the results?

They come back stronger than ever.

That is the kind of team that I want to build.

Strong as an individual, mighty as a team.



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