Justin Kong, a man of competence who guided many to the path of success. He’s also a devoted husband and father of two lovely gems.

We interviewed him on his recent achievement on receiving the Supersonic Award, an award bestowed upon real estate agents that clocked more than 6-figure commission in a month.

Q: How did you manage to clinch a 6-figure commission in just one month?

Justin: One word – Prospecting.

There isn’t a single day that I can recall without doing any form of prospecting. From online to offline channels, I spent my time focusing on what is important and expand from there.

I maximize each and every touchpoint I get whenever possible. This allows me to gather a wide database of contacts and retarget them whenever I get my hands on the latest relevant market news.

Throughout my entire career,  I have developed a daily habit – reading the news.

It can be from the newspapers or online platforms, as long as the news is relevant to me, I would dedicate some time to reading it.

If you do not like reading, at least read the headers and skim through the content. As you will never know when these topics may come in handy when striking a conversation with your prospects or clients.

Prospecting is one of the essential tasks I take seriously in my career. It has brought me so far, and I’m currently just planting seeds and waiting for my fruits to bear. The Supersonic Award is a recognition for my efforts and I will continue to strive in this industry.

Q: What made your clients trust you with their property or future abode?

Justin: No lasting relationship can be established overnight. To me, it is a combination of facts and human touch.

The reason why I like to read is primarily to increase my knowledge span.

Even though I’m a trainer and speaker in NAVIS, I would sign up for training programmes conducted by other veterans in the group. There are tons of facts and skillsets in this industry to master and I often find myself interacting with peers to further develop myself.

It was through this mindset that I found myself confidently speaking to my clients.

Once you know what you are talking about are facts, your confidence level elevates and clients will trust you.

More often clients seek us out for advice and consultation as they are unsure about their decisions.

You see, the human mind is simple. Uncertainty stems from a lack of facts to support your decision. But once you have established the facts to your clients, they will see a clearer path to making that decision.

The next step would be to build rapport with them and maintain that relationship.

You build rapport when you develop a mutual trust with your clients. It is extremely crucial as this can open many doors for you.

Start off by understanding their concerns and share your experiences with them. A sense of humor often helps in this case, but don’t overdo it – it may have an adverse effect on your image instead.

 Q: How has NAVIS helped you throughout your career?

 Justin: My growth has made a rapid climb after joining NAVIS. This is a place where I picked up many new ideas and practices from their open sharing culture. This culture is one that I couldn’t find anywhere else, to be honest. They are selfless in teaching and guiding everyone through their free training programmes.

Furthermore, NAVIS has its sole proprietary app called Link Up that is simply wonderful.

It allows me to automate my postings, saving me a huge amount of time daily. The statistics in the app also allows me to show my clients the latest transaction prices in real-time, eliminating the time gap.

But my favourite feature is definitely the NAVIS Tag feature. With the help of 10 more agents to market my listings, my closure rate has increased tenfolds. 

 Q: What tips or advice do you have for your fellow real estate agents on achieving better results?

Justin: In the real estate industry, it is a numbers game.

No action = no results

That is a 100% guarantee as property agents do not receive a basic salary. Our actions will determine our results.

As property agents in today’s market, we have to keep improving ourselves to keep up with the times. Gone are the days where we are only required to do sales…

Nowadays we are required to do much more – marketing, admin, customer service, etc. No property agents have it easy today and that is why we need to adjust ourselves to overcome the challenges. We have to keep learning and upgrading ourselves to become prominent.

I look forward to seeing more Supersonic or even higher awards achievers! You can reach there if you put your heart into it!

– Justin Kong



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