Lin Peifen, a charming lady with a list of achievements throughout her career. She has been one of NAVIS’s consistent Top Producers and a role model to her peers.

With Peifen clinching Supersonic Awards after another, we decided to interview her and find out her success formula.

Q: How did you manage to clinch a 6-figure commission in just one month?

Peifen: Mainly from projects. Nowadays, developers are offering attractive commissions to property agents.

I also had a few clients who came to me, asking to bring them down to various showflats due to my constant follow-ups and sharing of the current market situation.

I believe that my clients are always looking out for my insights even though they might not reply me due to their busy schedule.

But as time passes, when they decide to buy or sell their properties, I will be the one they would likely look for.

Q: What made your clients trust you with their properties or future homes?

Peifen: First and foremost, speed is the key.

When my clients usually text or call me with enquiries, I would provide them with accurate information that they need.

Secondly, have a chat with them – understand their needs and wants. Once you have that down, it is easier to find a suitable property for them. Of course, you have to know what you are selling to gain your clients’ trust.

Lastly, I do this for every client.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Think for them and not portray yourself as someone who simply wants to earn their commission. Trust me, clients can easily detect when you do that.

 Q: How has NAVIS helped you throughout your career?

Peifen: Ever since joining NAVIS, I have been relying on their WhatsApp groups to receive the latest project information. This keeps my portfolio open and I’m able to share these updates to my clients in the quickest time.

Their Link Up app is another tool that I rely on as it serves as a constant reminder that I have to follow up with my clients.

But most importantly, the NAVIS Leaders are always the ones taking the initiative to guide and help us. They form various groups to plan different activities for every NAVIS agent.

It might not seem that impactful to you but these little gestures provide me with a sense of belongingness. It feels like the group is our family and they are constantly providing emotional and mental support to us.

With them around, I know I’m not alone and help is only a call away.


 Q: What tips or advice do you have for your fellow real estate agents on achieving better results?

Peifen: Put in constant effort.

Personally, I spend each day connecting with my clients and prospects, ensuring they are updated about the latest market trends and news. 

When it comes to advice and recommendations, I would always listen carefully to their requirements before recommending them a suitable property.

DO NOT blindly recommend a property. This is one mistake that will eventually bring your downfall. They will no longer trust you and your image will be tarnished.

Instead, provide them with a clear direction or road-map on starting their sale or purchase. Explain and go through with them every step of the process. It is crucial that they understand what they are stepping into.

Be transparent and DO NOT lie to them.

Go straight to the point when they ask you questions and not beat around the bush. Most clients or prospects only have limited time for you during your meetups. So essentially, what you say will determine whether you can earn their trust and attention.

Be sincere and eventually, your efforts will turn into results.

– Peifen



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