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In NAVIS, we advocate an open sharing culture – we share our success methods to each other to grow faster.

Regardless of new or experienced agents, we accommodate to their level of expertise with our elite team. Our amazing mentors and coaches are always here for our people whenever they need help.

And that is why we call each other our family members. There are always helping hands available when you need it.

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You can only go so far alone. But with the right team, your future is limitless.

Our team is made up of a bunch of fun-filled and vibrant members that are always on a lookout for our people.

Our various committee members are our precious assets. They plan our training sessions as well as events like overseas getaways and gala dinners. It’s never a dull moment with them around!

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OrangeTee Tie

Partners of OrangeTee & Tie, we have been growing rapidly since our establishment in 2017. We have been empowering our people’s lives through our series of enrichment programmes and courses.

Ever since our crossover into OrangeTee, our group has been gaining recognition for fellow agencies for being one of the fastest growing group in Singapore. In just a short span of 3 years, we have grown our initial small team of 5 to over 1,100 agents. A remarkable achievement in the real estate industry.

Known for our training masterplan which comprises a total of 190 hours of training, we are probably the only real estate group that offers it FREE to their people.

The reason?

We believe in providing valuable content to our people and grooming them into professionals that can walk the talk and hold up our brand up high.

Elaine Goi Division

That is why our expectations for people are high. But in return, we are always supporting and nurturing them with valuable insights and experiences.

The real estate journey is not a simple one, but we are hoping to build a path that is full of positivity that would bring colors to your career.

We recognise every individual with their own special skill sets and we have leaders who are adept at spotting them and making them sprout.

This is something that sets us apart from every other group and it’s what makes us, well, us!

Looking for such an environment to skyrocket your growth?

Send us a simple message and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

Our People, Our Events

In NAVIS, we work together towards the same goal – to grow together and celebrate as ONE.

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