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To start things off, here is an overview of OrangeTee’s career path.

OrangeTee Property Agent Career Path

You can choose between sales or leadership paths or even both!

You can kickstart your real estate career with OrangeTee & Tie by embarking on a sales path followed by ample opportunities to tread the path of a rewarding team-building career.

In today’s real estate world, you have the power to choose your path.

It is like choosing your very own superhero path actually…

Would you prefer to rescue the world alone?

Or have an Avengers team to fight alongside you?

Or to become a professor that guides and mentors people?

Or even a hybrid of the above?

In the OrangeTee & Tie, there are a few paths that you can tread:

  • Sales
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Project IC

Focusing on sales would mean that your income is attained from your property transactions.

Here is what a typical property agent’s career path would look like. They start off by focusing on pure sales in a Geographical Targeted Area, GTA for short.

In this GTA, they will target the nearby HDB resales, new condo launches, condo resales, or even landed and commercial properties.

While treading the sales path, you will find yourself learning all sorts of skillsets – negotiation, prospecting, marketing, client portfolio management, etc.

These skillsets will set you up for your future leadership path.

However, a leadership path career is optional. Some agents choose to focus purely on their sales path for their entire career, even though they possess the means to become a leader.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you like to work and fight alongside with others – a leadership role would suit you better.

Focusing on leadership and management would mean that your income is attained through team building, mentorship, and business management.

In the leadership path, you will start off by recruiting and training agents with the knowledge, skillsets, and experiences that you have accumulated over the years of treading the sales path.

This also means that no one can step into the leadership and management path fresh after their RES Exams.

After all, it takes time and practice to hone a wide range of skills that are essential to guiding others.

In case you are wondering whether to take on the leadership path, the choice is entirely up to you.

Some may find teaching is a passion that they always had inside them and they find working with people they trust is more meaningful than taking on the sales path.

Regardless, there is no right or wrong path here.

Everyone has different strengths and passions. What feels right to you does not necessarily apply to other people.

We have witnessed ex-teachers who turned out to become excellent salespeople. But at the same time, they felt that they had the most fulfillment as mentors and coaches to their team.

The benefit of leading a team is how it generates something akin to a passive income – semi-passive income, where you get paid for every deal closed by your team.

Hence, you could be on a long holiday in Europe and still get paid daily without closing any sales.

However, it does not mean that you do not need to do any work.

A great team leader is someone who excels in many aspects, being the team’s role model.

They would have to sacrifice their time to be with their team constantly, ensuring that they are performing to their fullest capabilities as well as spotting mistakes and correcting them.

Great team leaders are also the ones to consistently look for new market trends and marketing strategies to create a competitive edge for their team to triumph.

That said, full-time team leaders are usually busier on weekdays as they dedicate their time to coach, meeting, and troubleshooting problems for their people.

After all, there is no free lunch in the world.

Focusing on Project IC roles would mean that your income is attained from leading and managing project agents through project sales.

Project ICs generally are team leaders who take on project leading roles and leading them to market a developer’s new launch project.

This role requires lots of involvement and leadership skills – to train and manage numerous project agents c0ming from all divisions of their agency to represent themselves as one to sell out the project.

With the huge involvement involved, Project ICs roles can be extremely lucrative when the markets move fast with high volume.

Hence, it is a role that many team leaders wish to take on at some point in their careers.

This imperative role generally requires one to be articulate and knowledgable as they are required to conduct mass briefings to both internal and co-broke agents.

As such, weekends will be one of their busiest periods as they are needed to be in the showflats to help negotiate and close deals.

What can OrangeTee offer?

As a real estate agency with limitless possibilities, OrangeTee & Tie can offer its agents many benefits which include:

  • Ample Project IC opportunities
  • Attractive 3-tiers Perpetual Overriding Fees
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Enhanced Leadership Management Fees
  • Income Assurance Schemes (protect leaders’ incomes and families)

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