Weekly training sessions for property agents

Knowledge is a powerful tool to those who wield it.

190 Hours Of Powerful Training Sessions

Knowledge is one of the most utilized tools to achieve success in this industry.

What happens if you’re unable to answer your clients’ queries or objections because of your lack of knowledge?

That’s right, your credibility drops.

Our Quality Real Estate Trainers are well-known in this industry with years of experience. Be it proven sales script or negotiation skills – trust us when we say we have catered over 190 hours of training for every aspect of a realtor.

These essential training sessions are the key to unlocking your hidden potential as well as achieving new breakthroughs for your career.

Grab this opportunity and see for yourself how our training sessions are conducted!


Advisory Sales Masterclass

Advisory Sales Masterclass (ASM)

In this era of rapidly changing consumer habits, the Advisory Sales Business Model is one of the most valuable and relevant systems that property agents can adopt.

This system has assisted many new and experienced agents to transform into confident and competent advisers while achieving remarkable breakthroughs in their sales.

Equipped with secret presentation decks and scripts, you will become an AUTHORITY in your business and be on your way to closing many more sales deals, just like what many of our graduates have attested to.


BRAVE Programme

Based on proven models of transformative learning, BRAVE is a self-discovery & personal mastery programme aimed to help real estate agents to discover their limitless potential and achieve freedom and spectacular results in their lives.

The BRAVE Programme was designed to walk property agents through a series of events to awaken the answers deep inside you.

This method will bring you positive and permanent benefits to your quality of life and empower you like never before.

Property Wealth Planning

Property Wealth Planning

Property Wealth Planning (PWP) is a framework that enables our NAVIS to become a highly sought-after property consultant in no time!

With advanced topics and comprehensive slide decks curated for our people, property wealth planning has never been made easier.

Exclusively for NAVIS, the PWP framework is something no NAVIS can do without!

Project Apprentice

Project Apprentice

A program specifically crafted to impart the A to Z of project marketing to real estate agents, Project Apprentice is one of the mastery programs to look out for.

Hosted by our Program Director along with 18 incredible trainers, this 3-days structured program brings you only the best experiences, knowledge, and critical skillsets relevant to a project agent in the new launches area.

Backed up by positive results in our graduates’ project results, Project Apprentice is one of the most popular programs in Navis Living Group.

Social Media Leads Generation Workshop

Social Media Leads Generation Workshop

With the technology-driven era upon us, more leads and sales are occurring online in the real estate industry.

In this workshop, agents learn the fundamentals of how the application of social media advertising platforms can bring leads to them in the comfort of their homes.

Conducted by seasoned trainers, this workshop comprises of the latest & relevant leads generation methods for agents. It also teaches the essence of copywriting and building your very own landing page.

Social media mastery has never been made simpler than this!

real estate leads generation

Wide Range of Training Sessions

Covering every element of being a successful Real Estate Agent. 

nlp property agent

Financial Calculations With Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP certified Anthony Yeo teaches you the traditional financial calculations method with a twist – by infusing NLP into it.

how to get clients to sign exclusive

Sniper Methods To Securing Exclusive

Debunking the myths of buyers’ unwillingness to sign an exclusive, Jeffrey Heng uncovers his ‘trademark sniping’ method to prove otherwise.

how to negotiate commission

Negotiation & Closing Techniques

Learn the secret methods of taking control of the transactions with the ultimate negotiation skills with Justin Kong.

property listing presentation tips

Project Presentation Skills

Be the next project champion with Nancy Lee as she walks you through the right things to say to close your next project sales.

securing property exclusive

Securing Exclusive With Listing Presentation Skills

Find out how you can get your clients to sign an exclusive with a proper listing presentation that is infused with Henry Yap’s marketing skills.

convert real estate leads into clients

How To Convert Leads Into Clients

Discover the reliable way to convert your cold leads into clients that will stick with you as your loyal clients with Elaine Chia.

JTC assignment process

JTC Assignment Process

Master the In and Outs when handling JTC assignment processes for your clients in this niche field with John Ong.

landed property tips

Landed 101

Spot the subdivision opportunities with Kennie Toh as he explains the intricacies & technicalities behind a landed property purchase.

how to negotiate

HDB Negotiation Scenarios

Close more deals by experiencing various different HDB negotiation scenarios and how to win it with Steven Loh.

how to speak to influence

Speak To Influence

Experience a mind-blowing session with Jeffrey, Jackie, Oliver, and Ryan as they conduct a hands-on session to rapidly improve your public speaking skills.

how to get clients to sign exclusive

Financial Calculations For Private Properties

Learn the conventional method to gain trust from your clients using detailed financial calculations with Fonn Tan.

real estate project sales tips

Creative Project Sales Techniques

Grow in confidence to market & sell new projects by understanding and applying the sales process & timeline planning with Justin Kong.

hdb prospecting

HDB Prospecting Methods

Find out how Kevin Li went from a rookie to a rising star in the HDB resale market by using his exclusive HDB prospecting methods.

real estate personal branding

Brand Development Strategies For Your Business

Learn why a conscious brand development can help you create an automated leads generation funnel and become an authority in your field with Stuart Chng.

property leads

Facebook Leads Generation

Learn how to set up digital marketing campaigns and generate leads with a few simple steps using Facebook marketing with Jackie Mang.

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