Complicated RES Exam Topics, Made Easy For You

A Comprehensive RES Revision Class To Increase Your RES Exam Passing Chance And Decrease The Risk Of Failing Your Papers.

res exam revision class


As slots are limited, we will only be accepting entries with valid contact details.

Congrats On Completing The RES Course!

It’s a big achievement and you will have an even bigger achievement once you pass your RES Exam and become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson!

But before that, you need to realize that the RES Exam isn’t an easy wall to break down (we’re sure you know of the passing rate).

But what if you can increase your chances of passing?

Take note that we aren’t guaranteeing you passing both of your papers when you attend our RES Exam revision class.

But instead, we are offering you an opportunity to increase your passing rate!

res exam revision class

In this 2-Day virtual class, we will be going through the important topics of both Paper 1 and 2 with real-life examples for an easier understanding of difficult concepts.

This simple and effective method has helped many of our students to really grasp the true meaning of the policies, rules, and concept – rather than just pure memorization.

Here are some of the stuff that you can expect when you attend our RES Exam Revision class:

  • Tips and strategies to pass Paper 1 and 2
  • Immersive study groups
  • RES WhatsApp Support Group
  • Additional exam notes and mock papers on top of what we are covering during the session
res exam revision class

Note: There are limited slots for each session as we have only 3 RES trainers and we want to focus on helping and attending to each participant.

Why Is NAVIS Doing This For Free?

Ever since our big move to OrangeTee and Tie…

We had many friends and family who expressed their interest to join NAVIS.

But when reality hit and only a small number of them passed.

We realized the RES Exam was a huge obstacle that NAVIS and our friends and family had to overcome as one.

In fact, prior to us holding the revision class…

Many of them were often left to study on their own and didn’t know what to expect for the RES Exam.

Eventually, when they got the results that they weren’t expecting, many of them lost their drive and abandoned the dream of getting their real estate licence.

It was then when it became apparent that there was a need for an all-encompassing RES Exam Revision class.

One that can enable us to share our RES Course revision materials, past experiences, and the latest mock papers.

Many of our NAVIS have also stood forward and signed up as RES trainers to coach the participants on tougher topics.

Over time, we came to the realization that we were delivering a big impact to our participants.

The passing rates of our participants were increased significantly and they enjoyed meeting like-minded individuals as well as new industry people.

That was when the demands for our RES Exam Revision class started to pile up and hence the decision to make the classes open to the public.

We had this calling.

A calling to help our future fellow RES to achieve what they want smoothly.

Join in the class now by registering above today!

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