Mugging for your upcoming Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Exams? But are you on the right track?

Hey there aspiring realtor!

Congrats on completing the RES Course!

Are you ready for your next big challenge – the RES Exams?

We understand that passing both papers can be quite difficult, even for those who have just completed their courses.

Hence, we came up with the idea of hosting regular FREE RES Exam Revision Classes a few years back.

While this is not a ‘confirm plus chop pass’ class, we had past participants thanking us so gratefully as they have passed both of their papers.

Hopefully, by joining us in our RES Exam Revision Classes, you will be better prepared for the upcoming exams (and possibly pass the exams on your first attempt).

Note: If you have not registered for the RES Course, take a look at our RES Course article. It will be helpful for you.

res course revision

Increase your chances of passing the RES Exams with our highly-curated mock papers and our support group!

Why is NAVIS doing this?

Ever since our big move to OrangeTee and Tie that shocked the entire real estate industry, we had many friends and family who have opted to join our group.

But what we realized was, many of them had the drive to become an estate agent. But the RES Exam was too much of an obstacle for them to become one.

They were often left on their own to study and had no guidance before the RES Exam.

Eventually, many have lost the motivation they once had and abandoned the dream of becoming a real estate agent.

With many of us facing this challenge of helping our friends and family to pass their exams, it became apparent that there was a need for group classes to be held. Group classes that enable us to share our RES Course study materials, past experiences, and the latest mock papers.

Many of our NAVIS have also volunteered to sign up as trainers to give guidance to participants on specific topics, especially the tougher ones to crack during the exams.

Over time, we realized that what we were doing had a positive impact.

The passing rates of our participants were improved significantly and our friends and family enjoyed the process of meeting new industry people.

That was when there were demands to open up our classes to the public so that our friends and family could invite their coursemates along to increase their passing rates.

res exam revision class
res exam revision class

These are our awesome trainers that volunteered!

What to expect in each RES Exam Revision Class?

In each revision class for papers 1 and 2, we will be spending half the time understanding the important topics along with real-life examples for an easier understanding of their concepts. The other half will be spent on working on the mock papers together.

This simple yet effective learning method has helped many of our students to gain greater clarity on the policies, rules, and concepts, rather than just memorizing and regurgitating the information without proper context.

Our experienced RES trainers will be on-site as well to give guidance on complicated calculations and tougher topics such as land law and taxes.

There are times where we bring in our key partners such as lawyers, bankers, and our team leaders and top producers to give a sharing session on their vast experiences and practical knowledge with the class.

res exam revision

What can you expect after the revision classes?

Apart from receiving valuable guidance from our RES trainers, you will form study groups as well as being part of our RES WhatsApp Support Group. This is to ensure that you will receive support when you chance upon any questions that you are unsure about.

Will there be any additional exam notes and mock papers?

Definitely! Our huge (unbelievable huge actually) archive of mock exam papers and notes are updated regularly by our recent RES graduates and highly curated by our RES trainers.

The best thing?

You will obtain access to them for revision – anytime, anywhere!

Here are what our students and current agents have to say:

res exam revision class
res exam revision class

To join in our revision classes, either drop us a WhatsApp (bottom right icon) with the following:

  • Name
  • Number of exam attempts
  • Passed any papers yet?

Or click on the button below to register your interest.

Talk to you soon!

P.S. If you are looking for a recommended RES Course Provider for your friends, read up on our RES Course Provider Comparison 2020 article to find out more.



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