Hello, My Name Is Stuart Chng!

Stuart Chng

Senior Associate Executive Director

In my 13 years in the real estate industry, I have become known for my ability in coaching and mentoring agents and raising leaders among many of them. It is a natural inclination that I lean toward in my property career and thoroughly enjoy bringing about new revelations to my people. 

I chanced upon the world of property to solve family financial struggles and believe that my experiences helped me acquire wisdom and empathy for people caught in similar situations.

Having been a new agent before, I know how it feels to be lost and directionless. Fortunately, through my own journey, i have developed a sales system that helps agents achieve optimum results. 

While I was focusing on property sales, I achieved consistent Top 10 Monthly Achiever, Manager and Annual awards and through mentoring my agents, have since helped many achieve even greater results. 

Today, I lead a great bunch of more than 900 agents in Navis Living Group and contribute to their training, growth and development as leaders and producers.

Stuart Chng

Senior Associate Executive Director

Stuart is known for his keen acumen and insights in real estate and has helped many of his clients turned friends build their property portfolios and grow their wealth using optimised asset holding and structuring strategies.

Today, apart from handling the portfolios of private high net worth investors comprising the who’s who in Singapore and Indonesia, he leads a team of 200 agents comprising of 5 divisions and runs property related businesses on the side.

Stuart is a renown leader and personality in the real estate industry, industry trainer and speaker, columnist for several property newsletters and blogs and is often quoted in media interviews on 938FM, Channel 8, PropertyReport, PropertyGuru and other publications. Throughout his career, he has also coached many top million dollar producing agents from different agencies in Singapore.

In his free time, he enjoys bodybuilding, snowboarding, travelling and spending time with his baby boy and wife.

 The Real Estate Team of Tomorrow

In Navis Living Group, we believe that the future for our agents lies in having the most advanced technology and training in the market.

Our Mission is simple.

  1. To provide cutting edge TECHNOLOGY that allows our people to outperform and outsell any other agent in the market.
  2. To provide advanced TRAINING programs that allows our people to excel as well-trained agents with financial savviness second to none. 
  3. To cultivate a strong TEAMWORK environment in which our people can perform to the best of their abilities through close working relationships with one another.

We know that our business is about relationships and people. That is why we focus on building an environment where our agents achieve career success while developing their ‘heart’ skills in management, leadership and character development – To educate the ‘whole’ person and hone all-rounder agents who can make meaningful contributions to society.

Enjoy Quality Training Led By Industry Leading Real Estate Trainers


NAVIS WINGS is our Training Master Plan that forms the backbone of our highly qualified and deployment ready NLG real estate agents.

Led by our renown and highly experienced industry trainers, NAVIS WINGS enhances our real estate agents’ knowledge and helps them achieve new breakthroughs in their careers.

With 91 hours of intensive lessons, role plays and on-site training, and a week of immersive training through boot camps, NAVIS WINGS equips our agents with the capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of clients from the mass market to the most affluent of investors.

Embark on a life-changing journey with us!

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Advanced IT System Features

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    Print Invoice Online

    Printing invoice online allows you to collect your commission faster

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    Submit Case Online

    Submit cases from anywhere with internet access

  • null

    Floor Plans Online

    Enjoy the Largest collections of Residential & Commercial Floor plans available in the market

  • null

    Transacted Data Online

    Caveats of Residential & Commercial transactions with unit numbers since 1995

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    Extensive Project Details Database

    Well archived and extensive project information for Residential and Commercial segments

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    Free Web-based PowerSearch, HomeBiz, eLitho

    Easy access from home to check listings, owners contact, land size, etc

Advantages for Team Leaders

If you aspire to become or are already a team leader, you can enjoy these additional benefits from OrangeTee!
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    Starting Leaders

    New managers enjoy at least 2-tiers over-riding management fee and up to all-tiers as you grow and promote.

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    Senior Leaders

    Group Assoc Director onwards enjoy EVERY-tier management fee so you earn regardless of which tier your associates are.

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    Monthly Leader's Meetings

    Get timely Industry Updates and case studies, and be among the first to hear about company directions.

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    Get Paid Management Fee Daily

    The day your downline receives their commission is the day you get paid. Everyday is your pay-day.

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    Income Assurance Scheme for Leaders

    Loved ones will get to take over and enjoy part of your overriding income for the next 5 years.

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    Graceful Exit

    Resigning leaders will still get the management fee that is due to them. OrangeTee ® believes you will be back one day.

Excellent Support and Infrastructure

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    Free Usage of Meeting/Training Rooms

    7 rooms for conducting team meetings & training up to 120 pax

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    Modern and Comfortable Work Spaces

    3 Levels of different themed work spaces for those who prefer to work from office

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    Free Use of Project Brochure Library

    Well-stocked library of official project brochures for agents

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    Free Weekly In-house Training

    Enjoy regular updates and trainings to keep yourself sharp and ready

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    Free eStamping

    No admin fee for stamping of tenancy agreement

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    Free Weekly IT-Support Clinic

    Free IT support for your PC/Laptop issues, every Wednesday

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    Free CEA-Compliance Adverts approval

    In-house Mass-Comm Department to vet thru your design quickly and seamlessly

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    Drive Through To Submit Cheques

    No parking required. Save on parking and hassle.

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    Modern & Collaborative Co-Working Experience

    Work spaces to suit your mood – Comfortable sofas, lounge and designer chairs, outdoor terraces, bean bags and bar stools for you to choose from

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    Lease Expiry Reminders

    Enjoy automated SMS/Email reminders 2 months before your lease expires

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    Professionally Trained Customer Service Reception

    Enjoy excellent customer service and reception support at all levels

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    Group Insurance Plans

    Enjoy insurance coverage on past exclusions that would not be covered individually.

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    Industry Leading Management Fees

    Enjoy ever-growing management fees with our unique 3 Tiers Perpetual Lock-In & Bonuses

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    Free Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate Daily

    Be pampered by daily free hot beverages to prep yourself for a good day at work

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    In-house Project Marketing Department

    Plenty of chances to do Local/Overseas new Project launches

  • null

    In-house Investment Department

    Work together with OT on your biggest en-bloc deals

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    In-house Valuation Department

    Get quick access to professional private and HDB indicative valuations

  • null

    In-house Research Department

    Regular market analysis reports for latest market updates

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    Legal Subsidy

    Lesser legal costs for associates that require legal expertise

  • null

    No Forced Deduction

    No advanced commission deduction for company events or dinners

  • null

    3 Business-Day Commission Payout

    Submit on Monday and get paid by Thursday!

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    Cheaper Parking

    Enjoy HDB parking rates at HDB Hub next door or park within OT building for added convenience

  • null

    Printing Credits for Every Deal Submitted

    Whether it’s a million dollar sale or a room rental, benefit from free top ups to your printing credits

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    Print Mass Flyers Cheaply

    Our in-house Risograph machine enables you to print up to 20,000 flyers at only $55. Print 5000 pieces within an hour.

  • null

    Leaders Income Assurance

    Income Protection for all leaders should unforeseen incidents happen.

  • null

    Free Tagging

    Enjoy free tagging support for all projects

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    Additional Leaders Benefits

    Enjoy free CPD and Business Conferences and daily management fee payouts

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    Financial Calculation Mobile App

    Enjoy free essential real estate mobile app calculators

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    Submit Transactions Through WhatsApp

    No more hassle scanning and emailing documents. Increase your productivity

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Stuart Chng

Senior Associate Executive Director

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