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Success Story #1: Crossing over into Success – Elaine Goi Division

Prior to crossing over to NAVIS, Elaine held the position of Associate Group Division Director at a multi-national real estate agency. The move was a major decision for her and her leaders as they will be leaving their comfort zone.

The tilting point came after a meet up with our NAVIS’ Co-Founders. The inclusive presentation along with the unity of our people left a striking impression on Elaine. Furthermore, the capabilities of Link Up made Elaine understood the importance of having a good technology platform in today’s market.

Upon crossing over, Elaine along with her star-studded team which includes Alvin Khoo, Kash Singh, and Kevin Soh as the pillars. In less than 3 months, their team has achieved wonderous achievements which includes a Hypersonic Award (>$250,000 comm in a month) and a Supersonic Award (>$100,000 comm).

Success Story #2: Empowering Video Marketing – Selling Singapore

You probably wouldn’t have heard of Selling Singapore until late 2019. That’s right, Selling Singapore was formed less than a year but their growth was out of this world.

Leveraging on the power of video marketing, Selling Singapore has produced over 86 high-quality videos up to date and is still generating more content as they grow.

Their clients have seen how their videos can value-add to their properties and the requests for property sales and rental have been flooding in ever since.

Their members have also been clocking numerous awards such as the Supersonic Awards and Top 50 Achievers for each month consistently.

Success Story #3: Firefighter turned Millennial Realtor – Jon Ong

Months before his wedding, Jonathan (Jon) left the SCDF to join NAVIS. Many thought he was being rash and crazy. “Who would give up a steady paying job, months before their wedding to become a property agent?” was his usual critique upon waking up every morning.

But Jon isn’t your regular guy. He knew his leap of faith wasn’t without a plan. He found one of the industry’s finest mentors, Ryan and Corrine, to lead him to success.

In just one month after joining NAVIS, Jon achieved what most people would never in their entire lifetime – clocking over $100,000 commission in a month and earning him a Supersonic Award.

Jon is now part of Millenial Homes, a young and vibrant team of real estate agents that serves… you got it, Millennials.

Success Story #4: Making a difference – Jason Hew

Having been with his previous company for 8 years, it wasn’t an easy decision for Jason Hew to move out of his comfort zone.

But it was after fateful meet up with one of the co-founders, that made Jason stepped out and made a breakthrough.

Upon crossing over, Jason made 3 breakthroughs, all in less than a year. Firstly, he was appointed the Project IC for both Jadescape and Piermont Grand. Secondly, he grew his team up a notch by joining forces with the industry’s giant, David Huan and his team of elites. Lastly, he was promoted to Senior Associate District Director of OrangeTee and Tie.

All these breakthroughs as quoted by Jason, were only possible after joining NAVIS. He also has his catchphrase – 这里不一样.

Success Story #5: Top Rookie, Lovely Wife, Charming Mother of 2 – Jenny Hui

Having 2 children and working full-time is a struggle to juggle for most mums out there.

But there was one job opportunity that would enable Jenny to earn enough and flexible working hours – a real estate agent.

Choosing NAVIS as her choice, she went under the tutelage of Jeffrey Heng and has prospered with the help of NAVIS’ amazing platform. Being crowned as the Top Rookie in 2019, Jenny has also achieved numerous awards like the Supersonic Award and Top 50 Achiever in her rookie journey.

And the best thing? Her journey has only just started.

Success Story #6: Beauty and Brains – Jaslyn Tan

Coming from a family of real estate agents, Jaslyn has followed the passion and footsteps of her parents and becoming a full-fledged realtor.

Since joining NAVIS, Jaslyn has created miracles after another. She has clinched impressive awards like the Hypersonic and Supersonic Awards, and being on top of the ranking charts consistently. Thus, she was awarded the overall #1 Top Achiever in 2019 at the age of 27

Although, that wasn’t her only remarkable achievement in recent years. In fact, she was the 2nd runner up in Miss Singapore Universe 2018, proving to everyone she has both the beauty and brains.

Jaslyn thanks NAVIS for the endless opportunities and platform for her growth and achievements.

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