Passed your RES Exams?

Well, congratulations to you! It wasn’t an easy feat but you achieved it.

Now, the next step is to choose your desired real estate agency to join. But for sure, not all agencies are the same and each of them has its pros and cons.

You have to choose a property agency that suits your personality.

At the start of 2020, the top 5 real estate agencies in Singapore are OrangeTee & Tie, ERA, Propnex, Huttons, and SRI.

top real estate agencies singapore

Above is the list of the largest real estate agencies in Singapore. But is bigger always better?

As a new RES, you are probably struggling to find the best fit for yourself. To be honest, it is a common occurrence.

After all, as a new RES, you are pumped up about starting your real estate journey and might fail to discern the TRULY IMPORTANT platforms versus the “Great to have” ones.

After going through so much transformation in this industry, we understand the principles behind an established real estate agency, rather than just going along with the latest trend.

Principles stay eternally and trends subside eventually.

Being a big local brand or Multi-National Corporation (MNC) does not automatically qualify them as the most suitable choice for you.

The agency’s brand is NEVER more important than yourself and the value you can bring to the table.

After interacting with over 1000+ agents, we have collated the top 4 things that experienced agents wished they knew at the start of their career.

Property Agent Career

1. It is the quality of the people that matters

From our veterans’ point of view: Eventually, you will realize that no one will ask or talk much about the agency you are working with.

You will discover that what you need is in fact – great quality people around you to succeed.

It is not just being under the shelter of a big brand.

YOU are the brand. The people you choose to work with are the brands.

Clients often stick to you for who you are.

And the funny thing?

They often forget which agencies you are from!

Now, by great quality of people, we are not implying people with high sales. We are talking about people with great attitudes, positive personalities, and people with good moral conduct.

People who will stay with you regardless of good or bad times.

People who are genuinely happy for your success and celebrate it with you.

People who lift you up and not doing the opposite and pulling you down with their insecurities.

Here is an important note for you:

Finding a mentor with decades of experience or being top in sales does not equate to quality mentorship.

Hence. always choose carefully who you are going to work with. Keep your eyes open for a potential mentor, try to meet future possible teammates, and conduct your own background checks online.

Wisdom is spending more time on researching so you won’t regret your future decisions.

It is certainly easy to be taken advantage of in this industry and we have seen agents getting the shorter end of the stick while being unaware of what is normal and not. They might even be asked to perform irrelevant tasks by their seniors or even paying for free stuff.

In one of the worst cases we have seen – a poor agent was taken for a ride for an ENTIRE YEAR and eventually left the industry as he made zero income.

In some cases, new property agents could also be deceived and misled to unethical paths through the seduction of big and easy money. Eventually, they burn out from various conflicts with their morals or even had karma catching up with them.

Thus, being with the right group of people is essential to enjoy your journey with longevity to perform well.


2. Technology is essential in today’s market

Real estate mobile apps and technology are one of the key forces to enhancing your productivity and fortunes by eliminating the redundant tasks you need to complete in a day.

The most common challenges of being an agent are daily prospecting, marketing, and follow-up work that simply consume too much time on a daily basis.

Nowadays, we incorporate highly-advanced practical technology to streamline our tasks automatically.

By freeing up more time for higher-value tasks such as meeting your clients or spending time with your loved ones, you will find your career more enjoyable and lucrative.

One thing to note here though.

Most agencies will claim that they have mobile apps.

However, we all know that anyone can build an app these days…

Having a tested, proven, and successful app versus just having an app is a difference between heaven and earth.

When in doubt, simply ask for an in-depth demonstration of what the app can do for you.

It’s a technological era, make technology work for you. Not the other way round.

Work hard, but also work smart.


Find out more about NAVIS’ technology here!

3. The number of Training Programmes in an agency shows you how committed they are to their agents

These days, basic training sessions are simply not enough due to the emerging of  Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customers and fixed-rate brokers.

Therefore, advanced real estate training topics like creative mortgage, property wealth planning, financial strategies, and property structuring technique etc, are deemed necessary for agents to pick up and learn to remain significant to their clients.

These skills empower agents to transform their mindset into an investor’s and the ability to craft maximum cost and tax savings proposals from scratch.

These training programmes future-proof our agents.

In this social media era, advanced social media marketing strategies are often utilized to get leads or close listings faster.

Hence, it’s imperative that you ensure the team or agency you are joining has all these programmes as well as scripts and presentation slides to aid you in mastering different relevant topics.

Note: Training programmes in agencies often come with a cost. However, NAVIS’ training programmes are entirely FREE for their agents.

Do also ensure that their training syllabus is updated and relevant.

Read up more on our NAVIS’ customized training programmes here!


4. There must be ample Project Opportunities

It is critical for an agency to have a huge pipeline of major new project launches in Singapore as it would bring you numerous opportunities for your clients to choose from.

Agents usually draw a higher commission from the usual 2% to even up to 10% from project sales as compared to the resale market.

Guaranteed, there are often catches to the really high commissions but we won’t be exploring it in this article.

Another thing to note, appointed agencies for developers will often have the advantage in marketing and sales closing as they have access to the first-hand information and pricing of the units before others.

Therefore, before you sign any application form, always do your own research and choose wisely.

To summarise, these are 4 things that are desired by agents even with years of experience:

1. Quality of People

2. Technology

3. Training Programmes

4. Project Opportunities.

Remember, be wise and choose the agency that best fits your needs and personality.

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