With his favourite saying that goes, “Success is a choice”, Boon Seng is one of the inspiring mentors and leaders of NAVIS.

With his experience of more than 20 years, he has gone from a top salesman to one of NAVIS’ leading team leaders.

We interviewed him recently on his success in his team building career.

Q: How big is your team currently?

Boon Seng: Currently I lead a fantastic bunch of over 50 agents in NAVIS and I’m contributing to their training, growth, and development as leaders and producers.

Seeing how my team has grown so much over the years is really one of my greatest accomplishments in this industry.

Q: What is your team building motto?

Boon Seng: Well, it’s about transforming people’s lives and touching their hearts sincerely.

I believe in my teammates’ potential to excel and overcome any challenges. It is the trust and bonding we have in our team that led us to where we are today.

Q: How did you manage to recruit your new team members?

Boon Seng: It is probably the way I treat my team. We are a close family that interacts with each other often on and off work.

Hence, the word of mouth spread among my teammates and their families and friends, bringing my team numbers to a whole new level. I also had co-brokers that I met along the way that were interested in being under my guidance.

And a bonus – my team managers are great recruiters due to their expertise and charisma.

My team never grew solely under my leadership. We grew together as a team.

Q: What qualities do you think you have as a leader?

Boon Seng: As a team leader, I strongly believe in being a role model. I take coaching and mentoring seriously as my teachings would affect their growth.

Best known to my team, I have an open-door policy – everyone can have access to me.

It does not matter which tier you are in my team, as long as you are inquisitive and wish to learn from me, a 1 on 1 mentoring session over coffee is what you get.

In fact, my team and I often spend our good and quality time discussing and understanding their challenges over a good ol’ coffee.

Q: How do you feel about team building and your team’s future?

Boon Seng: People are our assets and my agents are akin to my close ones.

The trust and faith we have in each other are the keys to a successful team building. I believe my team will only grow even larger with the bonds we have forged over time.

However, we wouldn’t get big-headed as there are plenty of room for growth in our team.

We will never stop striving for a better version of ourselves.

Q: How did NAVIS help you along the way?

Boon Seng: With their open sharing culture, it is easy to find what we are looking for in difficult situations.

The management team for one, is a team that really cares and listens to the team leaders. They often exhibit that through their actions, words, and gestures.

It’s no surprise that NAVIS managed to grow so rapidly in the shortest time – they treat each other like family.

It can be truly felt and our people certainly feel it.

Q: What tips or advice do you have for your fellow team leaders on successful team building?

Boon Seng: I only have one advice for my fellow team leaders – be sincere in what you do.

Be it guidance or assistance, potential team members are always looking out for mentors who would sincerely look out for them.

Provide them a shelter that teaches them how to fly and the next thing you know, they would be looking up to you.



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